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I have a Wynonna Earp vid (Willa-centric) that I would like feedback on.

Summary/themes: "you can never really go home again"
Warnings/notes: show typical violence, quick cuts and bright flashes, spoilers for season 1 (particularly the last half), death
Length 3:01

Thank you!
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I just finished making my first vid and would love some help looking it over. It was done in Cinelerra/on Linux and I don't have access to Windows or a Mac so it would be especially great if someone could test it on their machine with whatever video player they regularly use. (it works on VLC and mplayer for me)

I had some issues with audio sync while rendering, so feedback on transitions/timing for further tweaking would be really appreciated. If you're familiar with Roswell or the Maria/Michael pairing, I'd also love to hear your thoughts about clip choices or if it even makes sense!

The video is about 26 MBs and 4 minutes long.

Thanks =)

Beta help?

Aug. 9th, 2014 12:40 pm
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Hi, all! Hoping someone here can help me out; I have a finished draft of a Penny Dreadful vid, centered on Vanessa Ives, Sir Malcolm Murray, and the narratives that interconnect them. I would really, really appreciate any and all con-crit and/or suggestions for improvements.

Please drop me a line with your email if you're willing to help.
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After taking part in the [community profile] wiscon_vidparty open thread, I've started taking the advice given about editing and betas. I have a finished draft of a Peaky Blinders vid, and while I have a beta who's familiar with the fandom, I would really love for a non-fan beta to give it a look-over. I still consider myself a relative newbie, though this is my third year vidding and I have around six "published" vids.

The vid is to a Sage Francis song, around 2:40 in length and made in Sony Vegas 11. Mostly, I'm looking to see if there's any technical weirdness (clips that look off, pacing, timing), and if the storyline comes through to a non-fan of the show. No strong content warnings, but the vid does include scenes of sexual content, violence, blood, and drug use.

PM me if you can help out, and thank you!
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Hello, lovely vidders!

Would anyone out there like to take a quick look at a Pacific Rim vid? I am a relative newbie (this is only my third vid, and my first vid made with decent software), so although I'm proud of this one, I'm also constantly looking for improvement. :) Anything you can comment on, from the overall narrative to individual cuts or clip choices that do/don't work for you would be incredibly helpful. I've been staring at this thing for so long that I could really use a second pair of eyes to see the problems that I am missing.

This vid ended up being a love letter to everything I fell for in Pacific Rim... so, mostly Mako. :D Plus Mako & Raleigh, and Mako & Stacker, and JAEGERS. It's just under 4 minutes, set to a Vienna Teng song, and made in Sony Vegas.

Thank you!
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I'd like to request a beta - or three - for my first finished vid, and of course as a newbie I'd love to know what works. But what would be more helpful is concrit on the technical aspects: timing, clip choice, PoV tweaking, pace, tone, anything related to visual storytelling. Nothing about the vid (except for the theme and song choice) is set in stone. There's no vanity here - yes, I love it, but not blindly. Um, otherwise, this process would've been much more difficult.

I didn't try for a master's thesis - the theme is simply reveling in the investigative partnership of Sherlock and John, highlighting how they've helped each other (so obviously no Reichenbach angst since, well, that's where my premise falls apart, damn you ACD.)

The vid is 3 minutes long, made with Adobe Premiere. Thanks in advance!
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Hi !
I'm only halfway done but I'm doing a werewolf!Allison AU vidlet (about 1:30 total), which is very different from what I've done in the past (Doctor Who canon vids). So I could use someone to have a look at it. I especially don't know if the narrative I'm constructing is clear enough. Also it's the first time I've used sounds and voice overs so it'd be great if anyone has any advice (technical or otherwise).
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I'm making a premiere vid for a VidUKon vid show and am looking for betas! I'm grateful for all kinds of constructive criticism, feedback and guidance.

As the source and song lyrics are in German, I'm thinking it would be best to have two betas: one who understands German and one who doesn't, to see if the vid works in both cases and to help me figure out how to handle the use of subtitles (like if there even should be any, or if the story is comprehensible even without subtitles, etc).
The vid will contain some light nudity.
A first draft isn't quite ready yet, but I hope to have one finished by the end of this week, so that's when I'll start sending out links to betas. The deadline would be March 31st, but I'd like to have a preview version ready for the VJ by the 14th. (Might need a few kicks in the butt. :| )

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Anyone up to beta an Angel vid?  Still somewhat of a newbie and very much appreciate feedback, guidance, encouragement, constructive criticism, etc.  :)  PM me or comment on this post if you're interested.  Thanks!
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I'm making a vid using footage from FedFlix and Prelinger Archives. It's much less primetime tv and much more How It's Made. I'm looking for a beta familiar with that sort of video style that can help me retain that feel while translating it into a vid format.
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Did anyone here watch the 2009 Canadian/American sci-fi drama series Defying Gravity? I'm looking for a canon-familiar beta for a vid but having trouble because of the obscurity of the source. I'd also be grateful for a second beta who's not familiar with the source to give me technical advice and feedback from that perspective. Thank you!
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Hello! I found something new to get addicted to! So, Hi, vidding! :)

Um. Who wants to beta my first vid?
Every Breath You Take / Les Mis (1998)

Yes, it's my first time, but no need to be gentle with me. I like it rough. ;)
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Hello! I posted a few months ago looking for clips of women doing ugly violence as part of a multifandom vid. That vid's finally done, and I'm looking for a beta! I'd like feedback/help in two ways:
  • I'd like a second eye looking for egregious technical flaws (are clips too dark, is the timing way off, does the vid play on computers that aren't mine, etc etc.)
  • I'd also like feedback on the narrative of the vid.  Does the vid tell a clear story for you?  Are there bits that are confusing or seem out of place?
This vid has about 15-20 sources, so canon knowledge is not a concern; if I've done this properly, it should be comprehensible whether you know all the source fandoms or none of them..  If you can only help on one regard (technical OR narrative), that's fine too;  I'm really just looking for people who can kick my butt and tell me to do it properly, .  If this sounds like you, please e-mail me at paxpinnae at gmail dot com.

ETA: Uh, in case it wasn't clear from the "women doing violence" bit, there are some ladies who get hurt in this vid, and one of them is an 11-year-old (Hit Girl).  It's not too graphic, but if you have violence or child harm issues you may not want to beta this.

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Hey all!

I'm looking for a beta for a Dark Angel vid about Original Cindy. The vid is set entirely in the first season so there is no Jensen Ackles to be seen in the vid! There is also no Logan! If you watched the show for either of them then this probably isn't the vid that you want to beta. *g* Max, Diamond (Original Cindy's one love intrest on the show), and Normal guest star, and Sketchy, Herbal, and Kendra hang around in the background.

Just looking for a second set of eyes for this one, nothing too complex. You don't have to be a hardcore DA fan to beta this! The vid isn't trying to be serious or thinky — it's just a fun fannish vid about Original Cindy being awesome and hanging out with friends and hugging people and sometimes making out with other girls!

E-mail if you're interested!

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I have a very rough draft of a Firefly vid that I need a beta for. It's a bit of an experimental vid for me in a few ways — first, it's not set to music, it's set to a monologue. Second, it falls somewhere between a Book character study with constructed backstory, a critique of race in Firefly (a la "How Much is that Geisha in the Window?" except about black men, not the about appropriation of Asian culture), and an exploration of faith in Firefly. It's basically a very meta vid, and I haven't really made a meta vid before.

I'd really just like to talk to someone who is familiar with the various critiques of Firefly re: race and has thinky thoughts about them, someone who is curious about Book's backstory and has thinky thoughts about that, and someone who has ideas when it comes to experimental vid structures and how to make a vid flow visually when there's only very bare bones audio propping it up.

E-mail me at if you're interested and up for the challenge!

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For short (2:30) secondary character challenge vid focused on Charles Gunn and to a lesser extent, Winifred Burkle. (Angel the Series)

Message me at my LJ  for d/l link & details.

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Hey guys, so. I'm looking for a beta for a Farscape vid that I'm hoping to submit to Vividcon this year (if it do, it'll be my First Time Ever submitting a vid there, so that's both terrifying and exciting!) and I'm looking for a beta. Here's the catch! I want someone who is willing to watch the vid without knowing what it's about (besides, that it's, you know, a Farscape vid), because I'm worried that it's such an unexpected topic that people won't realize right away who/what the focus is and the only way to tell that is to have someone go in w/o knowing. The second thing is that I'd like someone who has either watched/rewatched the show recently or has a good memory for some of the less popular, less iconic storylines, characters, and images. A lot of making this vid was me working around the lack of footage for the story I'm trying to tell, so I really want someone who has a good memory of the show who'll understand the limitations in the footage and who'll be willing to brainstorm ways to work around that.

If you'd be interested, willing, and able please e-mail me at ghost dot lingering at gmail dot com!


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