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Genre: gen, friendship, family
Characters: mainly Neal and Peter
Clips: used through 4x10
Length: 3:10
Summary: This is an overview vid of my favorite show, White Collar. A huge thanks to dapatty for reading/recording the text for me!

White Collar Overview
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Leverage/White Collar Vid: Get the Party Started
Music: "Get the Party Started"
Artist: Shirley Bassey
File Info: 4:04, zipped MP4 or WMV, and streaming
Notes: Made for Vividcon Club Vivid 2011. Spoilers through S3 for Leverage and through S2 for White Collar.


State of Play (UK) Vid: Session
Music: "Session (Originally by Linkin Park)"
Artist: Vitamin String Quartet
File Info: 2:30, zipped MP4 or WMV, and streaming
Notes: Made for Vividcon 2011 Premieres. Miniseries overview.
Warnings: Violence and fast, strobing cuts.


Also submitted for Nearly New
Farscape Vid: Deep - Link
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Artist/Song Title: Spoon - The Way We Get By
Vidder: Xandra
Fandom: White Collar
Character Study
Spoilers season 2 and below
They way Neal Caffrey gets by: with style and swagger... and don't forget slight of hand.
AVI download and youtube
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Song: What New York Used to Be by The Kills
Fandom: White Collar

Summary: It comes down to reality.

Spoilers: Through 2x16

Download and streaming info at my journal
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Title: Tonight (I'm F**king You)
Song Artist: Enrique Iglesias ft. Ludacris
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey
Spoilers: All of seasons one and two
Warnings: Lyrics not safe for work. See song title.

Streaming and download instructions at my journal here.
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Title: Suit Vid
Vidder: echan
Song: Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit from the tv show How I Met Your Mother
Source: White Collar
Spoilers: Through Season 2 Episode 8
Warnings: None
Summary: Nothing suits Neal like The Suit.

Notes & download link at my journal.
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Title: Sea Song
Fandom: White Collar
Music: "Sea Song" by Lisa Hannigan.
Vidder: [personal profile] be_themoon
Summary: Neal + the Burkes. "And oh we are like the sea, and it's right we be so."

Streaming and download links on DW.

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Links go directly to vids, so please right-click to download.

Title: Hateful
Song by: No Doubt
Vidder: [personal profile] mlyn
Fandom: White Collar
Summary: Neal is trying to stay on his chosen road, but Peter is offering something he can't resist.

TItle: Straight to Hell
Song by: Moby ft. Heather Nova
Vidder: [personal profile] mlyn
Fandom: The Proposition
Summary: These are contrasts of beauty and ugliness, in the world and in men's hearts. Note: this vid shows extreme violence and attempted rape.

Vids are available on my journals (LJ and DW) and soon will be on my website (link to come on journal posts). Comments are greatly appreciated!
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Song Title/Vid Title: I'm Your Villain
Vidders: [personal profile] erda and [personal profile] lisztful
Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Category: Fun!
Characters: The character(s) Neal, Peter
Pairings: Neal/Peter
Warnings: Spoilers for season 1
Summary: Just a little celebration of the show. Peter is so serious!
Length: 1:55

Streaming vid and D/L link HERE
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Title: You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way)
Artist: Jonathan Coulton
Source: White Collar (USA)
Editing: [personal profile] gelasius

Download, streaming, and notes at my dreamwidth.


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