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Title: S.O.B.
Fandom: Supernatural
Music: S.O.B by Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats
Summary: A celebration of Dean's four favorite words. And one of his favorite leisure activities...
Warnings: None
Notes: This has been a long time coming. Like, two years. And I finally decided to buckle down a couple months ago and do it! So, I did! And now it's here! This premiered this past weekend at the Supernatural Chicago Con and now it has been released into the world! Enjoy!!

Watch it here!
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Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Title: Miles to Go 
Vidder: [personal profile] cupidsbow 
Song: "Once There Was a Hushpuppy" by Benh Zeitlin 
Characters/Pairings: Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan/Miles Vorkosigan, Miles Vorkosigan/Taura
Summary: There once was a man who dreamt of the stars... A constructed reality vid for Spring Equinox 2017: Vids in Space!  
Link: DreamwidthAO3 (there is also a Making Of post)

Fandom: Le Voyage dans La Lune
Title: Pourquoi la Lune? 
Vidder: [personal profile] cupidsbow 
Song: "Found Sounds" by Squad Car 37 Audio Productions and A Place to Be, edited and remixed by me with the Sounds of Neptune, John F. Kennedy's "Moon" speech, and excerpts of the Apollo moonshot audio recordings.
Characters/Pairings: Georges Méliès
Summary: But why, some say, the moon? For Spring Equinox 2017: Vids in Space!  
Link: DreamwidthAO3

Fandom: The Blue Planet 
Title: The Blue Planet 
Vidder: [personal profile] cupidsbow 
Song: "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys
Characters/Pairings: Earth's oceans.
Summary: My buddies and me are getting real well known. For Festivids 2016.
Link: DreamwidthAO3

Fandom: Victor/Victoria 
Title: Objectified
Vidder: [personal profile] cupidsbow 
Song: "Objectified" by Shawna Virago 
Characters/Pairings: Victoria Grant/King Marchand
Summary: I want to be objectified. For Festivids 2016.
Link: DreamwidthAO3

Fandom: Om Shanti Om
Title: Her Majesty 
Vidder: [personal profile] cupidsbow 
Song: "Her Majesty" by The Beatles
Characters/Pairings: Om Prakash Makhija/Shanti Priya
Summary: Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl. For Festivids 2016.
Link: DreamwidthAO3

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Laughing With...
Vidder: [personal profile] cupidsbow 
Song: “Laughing With” by Regina Spektor
Characters/Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Anna Milton/Dean Winchester, Castiel/Crowley/Dean Winchester, Amara/Chuck Shurley/Dean Winchester
Summary: God can be so hilarious. 2016 Dean/Cas Secret Santa Exchange.
Link: DreamwidthAO3
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Title: Want it Back
Sources: Almost Human, Adios Sabata, Blues Brothers, Captain America, The Color Purple, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mad Max, Mission Impossible, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Reservoir Dogs, The X-Files, Young Guns, Universal Soldier, Starsky & Hutch, Thelma and Louise, Iron Man, Fast & Furious, Hawaii Five-0, Terminator 2, Dredd, From Dusk Till Dawn, Indiana Jones
Music: Want It Back by Amanda Palmer
Summary: Let somebody love you like I do.
Warnings: violence, brief hint at sexual violence
Vidder Notes: I had been working on this vid for a while. I wanted to celebrate all those sources I love so dearly. (However, I finally had to realize that I couldn't really include everything, due to technical reasons.) I especially wanted to focus on visual, thematic and narrative parallels. I also needed to put my love for all these wonderful characters into vid form. I just want them to be loved!! The source selection is very subjective, these are all movies and tv shows I personally love and that influenced me in some way. I hope you'll enjoy!

streaming + download here on lj, here on dw and here on ao3
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Title: Storms Were Mine
Artist: Girlyman
Fandom: Supernatural
Character(s): Claire Novak
Size: 94 MB
Content notes/warnings: blood/injury, violence against women, a very brief clip from the attempted rape scene, parental death, decapitation, general show-level violence. No other standard warnings apply. If you need to know about anything else, just ask.
Summary: I can't believe it could be all mine.

Streaming, download, and lyrics: Dreamwidth // Tumblr // AO3
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Title: Drawn to the Blood
Vidder: [profile]
Fandoms: Supernatural, Sufjan Stevens
Music: "Drawn to the Blood" by Sufjan Stevens
Length: 3:32
Summary: Despite everything, Castiel keeps coming back for more. (And despite my best intentions, so do I.)
Software: Final Cut Pro X
Notes: Vividcon Premiere 2015

Full vid notes, streaming, download etc. at my DW here. Also, I love feedback of all sorts! Even if you're not so sure about it, or have a question, please don't be shy!

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Title: A Thousand Suns
Artist: Tom McRae
Fandom: Supernatural
Content notes/warning: Fast flashing lights and quick cuts; blood.
Summary: How to stand up. (Castiel & Dean/Castiel, seasons 4-5)

streaming and download here
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Vidder: Kitty aka Winterevanesce
Title: How We Roll
Fandom: Jared & Jensen (Supernatural "Gag Reel Season 1-9")
Genre: Comedy, RP
Song/Artist: How We Roll by Britt Nicole
Software: Sony Vegas 12
Characters/Pairings: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Summary: "We are gonna dance everywhere we go"

Video Stream + Downloads + Notes

Comments are appreciated <3
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Title of vid: Girl in the War
Fandom: Supernatural
Music: Girl in the War by Solas
Summary: in the morning all you got is rain, Ellen talks about Jo
Notes: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] counteragent
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Title: Anything You Can Do
Song: Anything You Can Do from the musical Annie Get Your Gun
Character/pairing: Sam & Dean
Notes/Warnings: FLASHVID made for the prompt 'acting skills' @ [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling

here on LJ or here on DW
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Title: Hells Bells
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Supernatural | AU | 0.27 | "Hells Bells" by ACDC | S8 spoilers
Available at: Vimeo (Password: theangelsarefalling) | DW | AO3 | Tumblr

The angels are falling. Lucifer AU vidlet.

Streaming + Download links
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Title: Razzle Dazzle (they'll never catch wise)
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Razzle Dazzle, Chicago OMST

Details and Vid at my DW
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Fandom: Supernatural

Vidder: Kahesha (aka [personal profile] kj_svala)
Song: "Wish I Had An Angel" by Nightwish
Lenght: 4.15 min.
File: 33+ MB WMV
Character: Dean Winchester
Categorie: action, character, drama
Summary: Mary: "Angel`s are watching over you" But there`s no Angel watching over Dean.

SPOILER: ALL of Supernatural, season 1-7

Link: @Kahesha_vids
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Following [personal profile] killabeez inspiring panel on typography at VVC 2012, I was motivated to try to put typography more at the center of a vids concept, and to play with the relationship between text and image. (And I think I wasn't the only one to feel this way coming out of that panel!)

So, in my most recent vid, with a particularly mumbly song, I tried to get creative with the typography. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what works and what doesn't for you. I came out of this vid definitely wanting to experiment more with typography in the future.

Title: Holy Holy
Music by Wye Oak
Description: There is no other story. A Dean/Castiel shipper manifesto of sorts, Castiel character study, and experiment in typography.
Footage through Supernatural 8x04

streaming, links to download, full vid notes at my journal
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Club Vivid
Title: That's Not My Name
Source: Fringe S1-S4
Music: "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings
Her name is Astrid.

Title: Super Freak
Source: Sherlock S1-S2
Music: "Super Freak (Roca Sound Remix)" by Rick James
The kind you don't take home to mother.

Title: Lateralus
Source: Fringe S1-S4
Music: "Lateralus" by Tool
Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

Non-premiering vid for Let My Lyrics Go! - Super Winchester Bros.
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Just Dropped In, Supernatural.
Sam character study
Length: 3:30

Betaed by nobody (all mistakes, strange jumps of logic and downright impossibilities are my fault), but rah-rahhed by the usual gang of suspects, and I love you all. Thank you.

Download divx here at Eyecandy.

Streaming here.

Comments and feedback are adored and stuff. Thanks for watching.
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Fandom: Supernatural
Vidder: [profile] kahesha (aka [personal profile] kj_svala)
Program used: Corel Videostudio Pro X3

Title: "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson
File: 26+ MB WMV
Lenght: 3.29 min.
Categorie: action, overview
Character: Sam & Dean Winchester


Summary: "What doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger, stand a little taller ..."

Link: More info can be found here CLICK CLICK
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It's been awhile since I've posted here. Hi! :) Well, here's a short video I made after watching the season 7 premier of Supernatural. Enjoy!
Comments, likes and feedback is the jellybeans to the coolbeans and they all make me very happy! :D

Feeling Good - Meet The New Boss
vidder: Yaya8nfinity
fandom: Supernatural (2011)
artist: Nina Simone
duration/filesize: 0:34
spoilers: The first episode of Supernatural season 7.
Watch/Like/Comment: Youtube
Watch/Comment/Join: Dream_Vid
Download: 4shared
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+ Title - Obsession
+ Vidder - [personal profile] aruna7
+ Fandom - Supernatural
+ Subject - Castiel/Crowley
+ Music - Casanova [Paulina Rubio]
+ File : WMV (33+ MB)
+ Year - 2011
+ Summary - Castiel's and Crowley's relationship is business only. Yeah, right.
+ Notes - Made as a birthday gift for [personal profile] kj_svala.
+ Links - Mediafire | Vimeo
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Vid Title: I’m not #$@*ing around (the free will blues)
Vidder: lolachrome
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 6.20
Warnings: Um, profanity?
Length: 4.04

Description: And I forgive you even as you choke me that way, with the pill or demon. Castiel character study and/or vidding as necessary catharsis for a Castiel fangirl in the break between 6.20 and 6.21.

Music: Sufjan Stevens’ "I want to be well" from The Age of Adz

Full notes, streaming and link to DL at my journal
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Title: Vesuvius (The Fall)
Description: Follow me now while I favor the ghost. Follow me now while I favor the host. Castiel-focused experimental character study.
Fandom: Supernatural & Sufjan Stevens
Music: Sufjan Steven's "Vesuvius" from The Age of Adz
Length: 5.38

Links to streaming and DL at my DW here.


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