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I'm on the vid committee for a con this year, and we'll soon be writing our "please submit your vids to the vid show selection committee!" announcement. I volunteered to write that announcement, and since I haven't done this before, I thought it would be a good idea to ask vidders what they want to see in a call for vids.

So: What sort of thing do you look for in a con's call-for-vids announcement? What helps you feel confident that you know what the con is looking for and makes you feel comfortable submitting to it?
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How do you acquire and prep footage for vidding? How do you rip, convert, contort, and cajole source video into the format your editing program works with? Fill out this year's survey!

Let's update 2014's results. What's new and awesome? What's the reliable old standby you still use? Good and bad, old and new, all info is good info that we can all benefit from sharing.
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If you're here in the vidding community, I figure maybe you'd be interested in this survey of mine! I just created it, it'll stay open through March 8th (so for about 2 months), and it'll take about 15 minutes of your time to completely answer all of my questions. I hope as many people as possible end up taking the survey - I want an accurate representation of vidders & vid viewers from every corner of our section of fandom. So after you take the survey, please try to spread the word to other fanvideo viewers or creators! Thanks so much.

More details here:

Or just skip straight to the survey:

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Does anyone like the idea of a vidding land comm? For those who don't know, a land comm is an interactive challenge community where you compete in teams during a round. I have been toying with the idea of one dedicated to vidding but without the points/team aspect because vidding is hard enough without the pressure of competing. But I really like the idea of an interactive community that's intended to help you make vids.

If this interests you and you have a moment, I would appreciate you filling out this short survey so I can gauge interest. I would also appreciate you sharing this post around as well :)

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Hi vidders! I have a poll/discussion post set up here about a new vidding challenge I'm going to run called Take 2. The general idea is to remake an old vid of yours -- Maybe you look back on a vid that you KNOW would look better (or just different) if you made it today, or maybe you have always been bothered by the fact that the clip of House and Wilson riding off into the sunset aired two years AFTER you made the House/Wilson vid of your heart. Whatever reason you have for wanting to remake that vid, here is your excuse to finally do it! More information is available at the post. Please feel free to spread the word!
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Vidders and vid-watchers, I have a questionnaire for you about song choice.

Tell me all of your song choice opinions here!

This is in preparation for a panel about vidding song choice at Vividcon this year. I'm looking for as many participants as possible so feel free to link this to your vidding friends.

Results are private but I will post a summary after the con (I know that's ages away but it will be a good summary I promise)
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I received a message last week about a (very short) online survey being conducted by two graduate students at Syracuse University. They were asking for volunteers to help them with their project. The questions on the survey are worded for youtube but I sent one of the researchers a message and they would like to include vidders who don't post on youtube or have stopped posting there since youtube has started blocking so many vids for bogus copyright infringement.

The original text of the message I received is under the cut. Links to the survey are below. Please, Star Wars vidders, lets help these guys out. They need 130 more people to take the survey by November 26!


Where it asks about how many vids you've posted on youtube, just put how many vids you've posted anywhere at all. You need to have posted at least one Star Wars vid somewhere on the internet, that's all.

Read more... )

If you are 18 years or older, click this link to participate in the survey:

If you are 13-17 years, click this link to participate in the survey:
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Hi everyone,   thanks again for taking my vidding survey and follow up, if you did.  I sent the 3 winners their Amazon gift cards yesterday.  I'm making available an annotated version of my slides from the talk I gave at UIUC a couple weeks ago...  I tried in the notes on it to explain some of my thematic goals--  I had a ton of content, it ran about 90 minutes, and I only managed to show snippets from the vids I wanted to show. And I didn't get to show all the ones I wanted, either. Argh, it was painful.

The audience was mostly grad students, with a few faculty/staff exceptions, including an interesting woman with a gaming video background.  If you want links she sent me, I can post those.

My not-very-pretty-but-info-rich (!) slides are here: 

Vidders mentioned in it explicitly (and some whose clips were shown), in no particular order:  Killa, Lum, Deejay, Tashery (and me), Media Cannibals/Sandy-Rache, Charmax, Obsessive24, Jescaflowne, Hollywoodgrrl, Bradcpu and Laura Shapiro, AbsoluteDestiny, Proof Pudding, and Kandy Fong.  There are also some network pictures that may include fan names, from public data on LJ.  For these slides, even if you said you were okay being quoted by fannish names, I removed all names from quotes I included (it's the safest thing). 

Also, right after my talk, Mimi Ito's article on AMV communities (keywords from the title: "distinctions and status") came out in First Monday.  Her paper is here: .  The overall First Monday issue is on "User Creativity, Governance, and the New Media."

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I'm hoping this is legit here, since you're all interested in meta about vidding.  I'm a former (& maybe future?) vidder ("Lynn C") who feels out of touch.  I recently got invited to give a talk to computer science students at University of Illinois, and I wanted to talk about vidding, with a focus on tools and collaboration needs.  I'll make the results available to all who want them, though.

Because I'm way out of touch, I've written up a rather comprehensive survey.  If you take it before April 25, you'll be entered in a drawing for one of three $20 Amazon gift cards (all I can afford!).   Also, I will post the aggregate results here (and in any community that lets me post the link and gets responses). 

Topics covered, if you are interested: 
  • Your history as a vidder (years, types of vids by genre/fandom/music;
  • Software used and what you think of it;
  • Communities you follow and any issues there;
  • Collaboration with others and if/how you do it;
  • What's the most fun and least fun during vidding (I sure have my own opinion here-!)

If you want yourself to remain totally anonymous in the results, that's completely cool --  I mostly want aggregate stuff to get me up to date on the process/trends.  Think of it as a chance to tell some software people what would make it easier and more fun!

Here's the link, please help:

PS. I've like to reach some amv vidders too... anyone have ideas?


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