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Ashley Blewer, an archivist specializing in moving images and a software developer, created a website, "ffmprovisr", to make it easier for you to use the program ffmpeg.
FFmpeg is a powerful tool for manipulating audiovisual files. Unfortunately, it also has a steep learning curve, especially for users unfamiliar with a command line interface. This app helps users through the command generation process so that more people can reap the benefits of FFmpeg.

Each button displays helpful information about how to perform a wide variety of tasks using FFmpeg. To use this site, click on the task you would like to perform. A new window will open up with a sample command and a description of how that command works. You can copy this command and understand how the command works with a breakdown of each of the flags.

FFmpeg is a free, open source tool that works on the command line and lets you do stuff like:
  • Change codecs (transcode)
  • Change formats
  • Filter stuff
  • Create GIFs and thumbnails
  • Normalize/equalize audio
  • Read/extract captions
  • Make test patterns
  • Fix audio that's fallen out of sync
  • Join or split files
  • Play an image sequence

I have used FFmpeg recipes in the past and it's great how much it can do, especially in combination with youtube-dl which makes it easy to download video from a ton of sites -- YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and many others. I hope other vidders find ffmprovisr helpful in their work!
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These are the results of the 2015 Vidding Tools census! There a large range of useful info here, from a diverse range of vidders.

Some items are listed under more than one section -- that's not an error, many tools are flexible and different vidders use them in different ways.

Enough with the intro, on to the DATA! )
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I'm attempting to get my festivids vid into FLV format that is under 50MB and can't seem to accomplish it without the vid looking like crap.

I'm using ffmpegX - which is an application I've only used once (to format for a con vid, so for totally different purpose).

Does anyone have any pointers?
I normally export from FCE to *.mov format and use MPEG Streamclip to make *.mp4 (or *.avi) and don't see a *.flv option in MPEG Streamclip but maybe I'm missing something simple
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These are the results of the Vidding Tools census! There's a lot of info here. Overall there was a huge variety of responses, very diverse.

Some items are listed under more than one section -- that's not an error, many tools are flexible and different vidders use them in different ways.

All links were gathered by me, not the respondents themselves. Some tools I am unfamiliar with lack links, unfortunately. If you want to leave a link in the comments I'd be happy to add it in.

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What tools do you use to gather footage for vidding? How do you rip, convert, contort, and cajole source video into the format your editing program works with? This survey will crowd-source this information. The more people share, the more we can learn from each other. Tools you love, things you tried that weren't worth the time and effort, all your vidding experience is valuable.

We all have our preferences, we always will. There's still room to learn from others, find new things to try, new tools to try.

There's space for DVD ripping software, torrent sites, and more. The opinions entered can be anything from "this is perfect and I use it exclusively" to "tried it, didn't work, never again" and even in between. The aggregate data will include as much or as little personal comments as each person wants.


Thanks in advance for contributing! Feel free to share this link and information with other vidders, anyone interested in sharing.
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Hey everyone -- I've made a vid for Escapade using HD source for the first time. I finally got my files to work for the size needed for the show, but now I'm trying to get a decent quality file that's not too huge for posting to the web -- both for download at my site, and for uploading to streaming. Nothing I make seems to come out well.

I exported using the H.264 codec (or whatever the number is, I don't have it open right now), and got a fairly shiny file at the Avengers aspect ratio of 965x542. But if I try to make it into any kind of .avi, it becomes massively pixelated and other files types seem really blurry -- not what I want after using all that HD source.

What are people using these days for DL and streaming? I think my methods are woefully out of date. And how did you get there?

For what it's worth, I'm on a Mac using an older version of FCP (6), and use MPEG Streamclip to make a lot of my web files.
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Hey everyone! So, I'm dipping my toes into After Effects, and working on my first AE-involved project. I've been using these awesome AE tutorials to get a handle on the basics, and now I'm ready to try making some AE effects work in my vid.

My question is about porting between FCP and AE. I've done most of my editing in FCP and just want to add some frills in AE, but what's the best way to go from one to another without losing too much quality? I know I can export from FCP as an .mov file, open it in AE, export it again, etc., but that seems convoluted. Googling around, I found this article by Ken Stone, which seems like a good option, but it was written in 2001, and even my ancient copy of FCP is more recent than that. (I'm working with FCP 5, AE CS3, so it's a bit of a mishmash). So does anyone know of a more up to date way of porting between these two programs without exporting a dozen times?

The google machine also tells me that there are programs that do just this (Automatic Duck gets mentioned a lot), but I don't have the $$ for the program, and I don't know scripting from a hole in the ground.

(mods, could use a tag for software: after effects. thanks!)
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Hey, so I am having a technical problem with a vid and was wondering if someone could help.

Cut for technobabble. )
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I'm conducting a tentative experiment in streaming my vids online - hitherto, I've only made them available for download. There are two copies of my Iron Man vid at that link; the one at the bottom has a larger file size but higher quality.

The trouble is, I never watch streaming video files if I can help it - my connection isn't really fast enough, so I find it simpler to just download everything - so I don't really know what people who want streaming vids are looking for. Faster load time so you can get an idea of whether or not you want to download the vid? Or is quality an important factor?

For vidders who make their vids available for streaming, what kind of codecs and settings do you use to encode them? I've always used DivX for my downloadable files, but I'm having trouble getting the size down for streaming.

Any advice/opinions of this subject greatly appreciated!
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So I just went through the process of figuring out how to export vids for VVC using FCP and ffmpegx, and since the instructions on the VVC website are a bit out of date, I posted my updated instructions here. LMK if you find any bugs!

Mods, this needs a "software: ffmpegx" tag.
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Here's what I know:

  1. Quicktime 10 doesn't have a Pro version, but you can install Quicktime 7 for Snow Leopard. This gets you all the Pro features (provided you previously purchased QT Pro).

  2. All the export formats are available except MPEG-2, which is essential for submission to conventions.

  3. The reason for this is that the QTMPEGExport.component does not come with QT 10/Snow Leopard. (Note: I'm not talking about the MPEG-2 Playback component. I have that.) Instead, all MPEG-2 exporting is supposed to happen from Compressor.

  4. Supposedly, the way to re-acquire the QTMPEGExport.component is to reinstall DVD Studio Pro. I find I am unable to do so without reinstalling the entirety of Final Cut Studio, which I would like to avoid doing if possible as I am in the middle of a project.

  5. I have successfully exported 4:3 files using Compressor. However, I have not figured out how to export a letterboxed 16:9 file (4:3 frame size for cons) using Compressor.

My questions:

  1. Does anyone have a copy of the QTMPEGExport.component they could make available to me? If you have it, it should live in System/Library/Quicktime.

  2. If not, can someone point me to or walk me through instructions for exporting a MPEG-2 file from Compressor that is letterboxed 16:9 footage (4:3 frame size)?

(Insert anti-upgrading rant here.)


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