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Excitable newbie tries vidding for the first time in a long time, and would now like to discuss the intersection of vidding and musicology with anyone who's interested! Excited babbling plus discussion questions and requests for recs are here at my journal.
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I'm working on a vid about a person that is not fictional and is currently alive. This is a first for me, my other vids were all fictional. I'm having some moral/ethical wobbly quandaries and would appreciate any feedback/advice/insights any of you wonderful people could provide.
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Hi everyone,   thanks again for taking my vidding survey and follow up, if you did.  I sent the 3 winners their Amazon gift cards yesterday.  I'm making available an annotated version of my slides from the talk I gave at UIUC a couple weeks ago...  I tried in the notes on it to explain some of my thematic goals--  I had a ton of content, it ran about 90 minutes, and I only managed to show snippets from the vids I wanted to show. And I didn't get to show all the ones I wanted, either. Argh, it was painful.

The audience was mostly grad students, with a few faculty/staff exceptions, including an interesting woman with a gaming video background.  If you want links she sent me, I can post those.

My not-very-pretty-but-info-rich (!) slides are here:  http://www.ghostweather.com/papers/Annotated_ViddingTalk_2010.pdf 

Vidders mentioned in it explicitly (and some whose clips were shown), in no particular order:  Killa, Lum, Deejay, Tashery (and me), Media Cannibals/Sandy-Rache, Charmax, Obsessive24, Jescaflowne, Hollywoodgrrl, Bradcpu and Laura Shapiro, AbsoluteDestiny, Proof Pudding, and Kandy Fong.  There are also some network pictures that may include fan names, from public data on LJ.  For these slides, even if you said you were okay being quoted by fannish names, I removed all names from quotes I included (it's the safest thing). 

Also, right after my talk, Mimi Ito's article on AMV communities (keywords from the title: "distinctions and status") came out in First Monday.  Her paper is here:  http://www.uic.edu/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/2968/2528 .  The overall First Monday issue is on "User Creativity, Governance, and the New Media."  http://firstmonday.org/

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Hey, how do people collaborate long-distance on vids? I mean, how do you manage it? Does one person have control of the project and the other just sends clips and ideas? Is it possible to share the project? What techniques have people used in the past, what works, what doesn't?
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For the Vividcon vidding convention in August, [personal profile] deepad and I are putting together a combined vidshow/panel called "Race and Representation in Vidding".

The blurb is as follows:

Visual markers of racial, ethnic and cultural identity are inscribed on the bodies vidders use to tell their stories. What are the political and social implications of the choices that vidders make? What narratives of resistance and subversion can be told, and what stereotypes and oppressions get perpetuated? How do the racial and cultural dynamics within fandom affect vidding and its creators? How can we analyse vids through anti-racist, anti-orientalist, post-colonial, and subaltern studies lenses?

From a vidder's technical standpoint, what are the editorial and creative issues you need to take into consideration when vidding characters of color? What implication does music and song choice have? Is there a different approach when you're vidding a character not of your own cultural/ethnic background, and what guidelines or mental reminders have proven useful to you?

We have some ideas of vids that we'd like to show, but we are also looking for suggestions. Do you know of any vids that fit this theme? Also, are there any points that you want to make sure that we touch upon in the panel? All ideas welcome.
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Hello DW vidders!

I've recently gotten into a discussion of the differences between AMVs and vids here on my journal (long post, fascinating comments, links to recs posts by me included) and would love to hear any thoughts you might have from the vidding side of the aisle. Cheers!
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Today I am thinking about metaphors, how they help and how they constrict.

What are your metaphors for vidding or vid watching? Do you have any? Do you frame it in terms of other creative crafts and endeavours--writing, cooking, knitting, dancing, choreographing, composing, playing music, listening to music, painting, sculpting, etc.--or other activities--sports, finances, programming, cleaning, exercises, etc.--or something else? How does the rest of your life shape the way you conceive of vidding or watching vids?

How does vidding shape the way you perceive other parts of your life? Do you end up using skills and techniques you've learned from vidding or analyzing vids to improve or better understand other activities?


Apr. 1st, 2010 05:58 pm
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I am going to be talkative this week, and today I am going to talk about storyboards.

I love seeing other people's storyboards; in fact, I am tremendously curious about other people's processes in general.


I'll show you mine if you show me yours. I've posted examples of mine with explanations below.

All about me (warning for large images) )

Your turn
Do you use storyboards or outlines? If so, what do they look like? How do they fit into your vidding process? If you don't use them, do you use some other method to organize your thoughts before you start or do you just jump right in?


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