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Title: Cut Your Teeth
Music: Cut Your Teeth by Kyla La Grange
Fandom: The X-Files
Characters/Pairing: Mulder, Krycek, Scully; Mulder/Krycek, Mulder & Scully
Summary: you cut your teeth on the lack of answers
Warnings: some violence

streaming + download here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3
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Title: Only a Lad
Vidder: [personal profile] laurashapiro
Artist: Oingo Boingo
Fandoms: The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Thor, The Avengers
Content Notes: Graphic violence, sexual violence

BUFFY: You're like a serial killer in prison.
SPIKE: Women marry 'em all the time!

Download or stream at my journal.
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Song: It's Not Over - Daughtry
Fandom: X-Files
Vidder: Xandra
Length: 3:35
Notes: My submission for me and Astarte's X-Files Season 5 Vid challenge. We decided since it was the shorter season we'd through the movie in with it. I think it turned out well. Again, I've been done before November waiting for Astarte. At least this time I have more warning.
Summary: My life with you means everything, I won't give up the easily Mulder's on the road of recovery with all the crap that keeps trying to get in the way, the only thing he knows he needs for sure is the x-files.
Links: here
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Title: 2nd Law
Vidder: [personal profile] kaydeefalls
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, X-Files
Characters: Kara Thrace; Tara Maclay, Willow Rosenberg; Rose Tyler, Martha Jones; Kaylee Frye, River Tam; Luna Lovegood; Dana Scully
Music: "2nd Law", by Tom McRae
Summary: tell all my friends I have gone to the moon. A multifandom lovefest of ladies discovering space and magic.
Notes: Created as part of [community profile] ladiesbigbang 2011. ♥ Thanks to [personal profile] such_heights for looking it over!

2nd Law - embed + download links
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Song: Trouble - Shampoo
Vidder: [personal profile] xandra
Fandom: X-Files
Length: 3:06
Summary:Trouble finds them. Luckily, Scully has a gun.
Links Here
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Song: Glycerine - Bush
Vidder: [personal profile] xandra 
Fandom: X-Files
Length: 4:07
Summary: No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear, this season Mulder takes it all head on.
AVI Link Here
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Song: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
Vidder [personal profile] xandra 
Fandom: X-Files
Length: 2:41
Summary: X-Files Season 1 Vid Challenge: Early days of Mulder, rallying against the machine, always thinking someone is looking over his shoulder. It's not paranoia if people are out to get you.
download here
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Vidder : [personal profile] aruna7
Title : Let's Fall In Love
Music : Half Life [Duncan Sheik]
Fandom : The X-Files
Pairing : Mulder/Scully
Summary : Mulder reflects on how much Scully has changed his life over the years, and how important their relationship has become.
Notes : Made for the Legendary Women Fan Auction.
Links : Mediafire | Megavideo


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