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Title: The Draw
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Teen Wolf | Derek/Scott | 3.14 | "The Draw" by Bastille | Made for [ profile] twrarepairexchange
Available: Youtube | DW | AO3 | Tumblr

"So you and me, Scott - We're brothers now."

Warning: Watch out for the anon hate on the AO3 post. I don't want to delete their comments because I don't want to get rid my replies but if you are sick of seeing their shitty comments, please don't look.
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Title: From Here On Out
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Teen Wolf | Scott/Stiles | 2.30 | "From Here On Out" by The Killers | Made for [ profile] tw_fallharvest
Available at: Youtube | DW | AO3 | Tumblr

“Dude, you still got me.”
“I had you before.”
“Yeah and you still got me, okay? So…life fulfilled.”
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Title: Hungry like the Wolf
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Teen Wolf & Teen Wolf RPF | 3.35 | "Hungry like the Wolf (Dance Remix)" by Red Garden | Made for Club Vivid @ [community profile] vividcon
Warning: Flashing lights

Strut on a line, it's discord and rhyme. A Teen Wolf Rock Band AU / Cast Dance Party.

Download + Notes: DW | AO3 | Tumblr
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Title: 21 Guns
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Teen Wolf | 4.26 | "21 Guns" by Greenday | Spoilers for Season 3 | Made for [ profile] tw_fallharvest

Derek Hale character study.

Download + Streaming
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Title : Mrs and Mrs Blake
Fandom : Teen Wolf
Characters : Jennifer/Kali
Music : Beautiful People by Peplab, Thrillseeker by Puretone, Poison by Gin Wigmore
Summary : When Kali learns her wife is the Darach, the enemy of the alpha pack, she has no choice but go after her. This is a "Mr and Mrs Smith" AU, as inspired by this post, and heavily based on the actual trailer.

Streaming, download, and notes : LJ, DW, AO3, tumblr

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Title: Homewrecker
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Teen Wolf | 2.58 | "Homewrecker" by Marina & the Diamonds | Spoilers for Season 3
Available at: Vimeo (Password: transformative) | DW | AO3 | Tumblr

Erica character study.

Download, streaming video + notes
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Fandom : Teen Wolf
Song : Bones by MS MR (Instrumental Edit)
Summary : "Ever wonder what happens if you get bitten?"
Notes : thanks to cupidsbow and ghost_lingering for the beta.
Download : here (.mp4, 24 MB)

DW / LJ / tumblr / AO3

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Title: Neckz 'n' Throats Photoshoot
Vidder: [personal profile] mithborien
Details: Teen Wolf RPF | AU | 0.26 | "If I had you" by Adam Lambert
Available at: Vimeo (Password: neckznthroats) | DW | AO3 | Tumblr

Neckz 'n' Throats Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes. HAHAHAHAHAHA. [Made for a vid battle]

Streaming, download & notes
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Song: Some Boys - Death Cab for Cutie (RAC Maury Mix)
Vidder: Xandra
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Length: 3:02
Notes: Thank you to Astarte who forced me to make Teen Wolf vid and to my dearest Ryan, who is my music guru. I should explain but what is there to say. To quote Astarte: Derek Pretty. Very Pretty. And Stiles... well to me he'll always be 'pack-mom'.
Summary: Some werewolves... and Stiles.
links here


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