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The form to submit vids for CON.TXT's vid show will close at midnight!

If you're planning on submitting something, the deadline is tonight at midnight EDT! If you're working a premiere and you're not done with it yet, submit the vid's data anyway, marking it DRAFT prominently in the title: we'll contact you for the full version.

The guidelines are in my original entry -- we're looking for vids that celebrate fannish diversity and celebration. Sell us on your OTP, make us fall in love with your fandom, show us why your fave is the best, or give us a vid that takes an older beloved fandom and makes us all remember our love for it.

If you know of somebody else's vid that would fit the theme perfectly, feel free to submit it as well; it doesn't have to be yours.
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Do you like vids? Of course you do, if you follow this community!

What a coincidence! At VividCon, the annual vidding convention in Chicago, Illinois that's coming up on August 12-14, 2016, we like vids, too! We maybe even love them!

Perhaps you would like to come party, party, join us, join us! by attending this year's VividCon? For the latest news on attending member registration, see the post Attending memberships available at the best price through July 1!

If you cannot make it in person, please consider a supporting membership, which can literally bring all of the VividCon 2016 vidshows to a TV or computer near you! See Grab a supporting membership to VividCon 2016! for more information.

One way or another, we invite you to enjoy the creativity, artistry, and fannish joie de vivre embodied in the vids and vidshows available to you as a member of VividCon 2016!
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CON.TXT, being held July 29-31, 2016 in Arlington, VA, is looking for vids! In past years the CON.TXT vid show has been slash-only, but this year we're open to all vids. The show theme for 2016 is fannish diversity and celebration. Sell us on your OTP, make us fall in love with your fandom, show us why your fave is the best, or give us a vid that takes an older beloved fandom and makes us all remember our love for it. Comedy and drama are both welcome!

We're accepting vids in three tracks: Premieres (vids that have never been screened at another con and have not yet appeared online), New (vids that have been released since last CON.TXT, 15 June 2014), and Favorites (vids that were released before 15 June 2014). The vid show will be assembled for flow, balance (of fandoms, pairings, musical artists, etcetera), and time. Priority will be given to premiering vids.

To give us time to curate and assemble the final show, the deadline for vid submissions/suggestions is June 11, 2016. All submissions for the New and Favorites tracks must be received by that date. If you're submitting a Premiere and you need more time to finish it, we still need your submission entered into the form by that date. Please upload a preliminary draft (so we can get a sense of the vid's subject, feel, music, etc.) and mark it [draft] in the title. We'll contact you for the final version, which must be received absolutely no later than July 1.

Vids can be submitted through our submission form. Even if you aren't submitting a vid of your own, we'd love it if you suggested some of your favorites, yours or others'.

If you have any questions, you can email the vid committee or ask here!
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Just a reminder that the vidukon scholarship is still open until 15th of April. Vids, fun & food, all for free. And a place to crash. In other words:

The scholarship offers membership, accommodation and Saturday dinner to one attendee from abroad who has not attended the con before. Full rules are at though we've not had any applicants yet, so it looks likely that if you apply (or nominate somebody else) you will get the scholarship. Feel free to contact

Please spread the word via signal boost and posting on other platforms.
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Kismet Con 2016: Call for vids!

September 2-4, 2016 | London, UK
A fan-run K/S Convention celebrating 50 years of Star Trek and K/S!

More info on the convention:

For the Kismet vid show on Saturday night, we ask you, dear Kirk/Spock vidders round the globe, to send in your vids, please! Whether you are an old-skool vidder or a newcomer, queen of angsty vids or king of crack, seasoned scholar of K/S eye-sex studies, or master of plot transformations—we’d love to feature your works at the Kismet vid show!

We are looking for:

Premieres of all genres: these are vids that have not been published on the internet or distributed on DVDs/tapes yet (we are lenient if the vid has been shown at a con in the past, as long as it is not available anywhere)

Classics of all genres: vids that showcase the history and rich variety of K/S and Star Trek vidding from the late 1970s to the 2010s

Fun & danceable song vids: exactly what it says on the tin—upbeat vids suitable for singing along and dancing the night away! We will prepare subtitles with the song lyrics for these vids.

TOS, TAS, movies, and reboot are all welcome. However, we strive to keep the balance between TOS and reboot—we withhold the right to leave out submissions, if necessary. The focus should be on Kirk/Spock; we will accept a limited number of gen vids, though (but no other pairings). Submissions of up to three vids per vidder permitted for the show.

For more details and technical instructions, please get in touch with T'Lara (aka [personal profile] larissabernstein), by message, via the form on our website, or by email: laribernsteinATgmailDOTcom

Please register your vids by letting us know what you plan to send in (vidder name, title, genre, universe, length). Deadline for actual vid submission (preferably by Dropbox or similar download link): 15 July 2016.

There is also going to be a Kismet DVD with a selection of fanvids. Let us know if you’re fine with your vids being included on the DVD (up to two vids per vidder).

By taking part in our show, you also enter the Kismet Competition for Best Songvid!
(Open to ALL VIDDERS, whether attending the con or not)

All vids that will be played over the con weekend are eligible and will be voted on by the attendees. 

There are two categories. The overall tone of the vid determines its category (in unclear cases we will confer with the vidder):

Humour: upbeat and fun vids, angst-free, death-free
Drama: vids with a more serious tone, including all kinds of angst

We are looking forward to seeing your contributions! Please spread the word! Let’s prove that the Star Trek and K/S vidding scene is still alive and kicking!

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Vidders and Viddees, Partiers and Partees, Enthusiasts of SF/F and Remix! We merrily present:

"The Party Of Our Lives"
a filk, sung to the tune of "The Story of Tonight"...

I may not fly to see the party!*
You may not drive to see the party!

But I will gladly vid the night!
But you should gladly vid the night!

And when the fangirls link our premieres…
And when the fangirls fave our premieres…

They’ll squee for shiny new delight!

Let’s have another vid tonight!
Let’s have another vid tonight!
Let’s have another vid tonight!

Raise a Vid to WisCon!
A Party that will live on year to year
No matter how chaotic
Raise a vid to the sing-a-long

Even if we get the lyrics wrong!
Singing the story of our night

Please vid a story for this night

Raise a glass to WisCon!
I think the show gets longer every year

Our squee will fight exhaustion

Let’s have another vid tonight!

Raise a vid to the Vid Party!

Even if this filk is weak
We’ll Vid the Party of our lives

Let’s Vid the Party of our lives
Raise a vid to WisCon
Let’s Vid the Party of our lives
Raise a vid to WisCon
Let’s Vid the Party of our lives
Please vid a story for —



Read more about submitting your premiere here. Please follow [community profile] wiscon_vidparty, [community profile] wiscon/[ profile] wiscon, or [community profile] vidding/[ profile] vidding if you want to see more info, reminders, etc.
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This is a reminder that premiering vids for VividCon (both by con attendees and non-attendees) are due by June 19th, 11:59PM EST (UTC-4).

If you vid fast, now's the time to start! If you vid slow, now's the time to continue!
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WisCon is a feminist scifi convention in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, May 22-25, 2015 (this will be the 39th WisCon). I love it. If you've never been before, here's my welcome and invitation to first-timers.

Since 2010, every WisCon has hosted a vid party. This year, as usual, they're asking for curated vid playlists (deadline: Friday May 1) and premieres (deadline: Friday, May 8). You do not have to be attending WisCon to submit a playlist or premiere! Please see the links for more details on what the party organizers are looking for, and follow [community profile] wiscon_vidparty for updates.

I am not one of the organizers of the vid party; I'm a newbie vidder submitting a premiere and wanted to get the word out. Hope that's ok!
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I'm running a history-themed vidshow for this year's VidUKon, and I'm currently looking for recs!

I'm after any and all vids with historical settings, but I'm especially keen to hear ideas about less popular historical eras, non-Western history and marginalised people in history, since I figure those will probably be harder to track down and I want to have a broad variety of things!

You are very much encouraged to self-rec if you have something you think might fit the bill! :D
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Hi all!

I'm running a vidshow on the theme of Tropes at VidUKon this year, and would like your suggestions! Time-loops, bodyswaps, doppelgängers...what are your favourite vids showcasing the glory of tropes and common character archetypes?

Come and tell me at my journal! :-)
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Hello! I'm running two vidshows at [community profile] vividcon this year -- Lions and Tigers and Vids, Oh My! (focused on animals) and Game Plan (focused on sports, co-VJing with [personal profile] milly). We are looking for premieres and suggestions for both. Please see my journal post for more information on what we're looking for.
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Dear Vidders & Vid Fans!

As you may know, VidUKon will be running for the fifth time in Cardiff Bay, 12 - 14 June 2015. Registration is open! While we very much hope to see you there in person, Supporting memberships are also available and we will be running VirtUKon again for our virtual attendees. An Attending membership is £40, (although this will rise to £52 on 10 April 2015) and a Supporting membership is £16.

Check out our amazing promo trailer, created for us by the fantastic MariKs!


We are also pleased to announce the following, exciting news!

We are launching a SCHOLARSHIP with free attendance, dinner and accommodation, organising VIDDER AUCTIONS and looking for sign-ups, we have a new SHOP and we'll be announcing our SCHEDULE very, very soon, but there's still a little time to join the discussion!


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It's this time of the year again! I am looking for European vidders, vids and source for a vid show at vidukon.

For details please see here - if you have suggestions or ideas, please comment there or pm me.
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Hi Vidders!

[community profile] escapade_con is currently accepting vid submissions for its songvid show until tomorrow night, 2/16 at 10PM Pacific Time. You can submit premieres, festivids, recent vids, older vids... whatever you'd like! Escapade is a slash-focused con, but not everything submitted to the vidshow is a slash vid, so don't let that discourage you! See more information and instructions on how to submit here.
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Hello Vidpeople!

It's that time again! VidUKon 2015 registration is OPEN and will be running from the 12 - 14th June 2015, in Cardiff! We will, once again, be running a virtual convention for those unable to attend.

Details on the hotel, accessibility, current programming plans and other options are available HERE.

We hope to see you there either in person or at VirtUKon!
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Vidders! As part of the feedback panel I'm planning at VidUKon, I'd like to include a practical session where we watch a vid and talk about what kind of feedback we'd give (positive and also probably concrit?).

So, I'm looking for a brave person to volunteer a vid. The benefit is you will get lots of feedback on it! If you're not at VidUKon, I'll take notes on the feedback and send it to you, unless you don't want me to.

Two requirements:
 - The vid should be at least a more or less complete draft, i.e. no large gaps in the timeline. Totally completed vids are fine too!
 - Please, only vids for which no standard warnings (as defined by Festivids) apply. I'd like the panel to be as accessible as possible to people with triggers. Feel free to ask me if you're not sure!

If no one volunteers I'll just use one of my older vids, but of course it would be awesome if someone had something they wanted to submit for this. :D
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There is still time to register for VidUKon 2014! Attending and Supporting memberships will be available through Monday 26 May 2014!

We really hope you'll consider joining us either in person or virtually. It'll be a great time.
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I'm running a vidshow at VVC this year called Teamy Goodness. My blurb for it is:

The team power walk. The group of friends and their wacky shenanigans. The ragtag band who come together to accomplish something no one thought they could. Who doesn't love a great fannish ensemble? Let's watch some vids that celebrate teamy goodness. Smells like team spirit!

I'd love to get some suggestions of teamy vids you love! I'm really behind the pack right now because I wasn't able to start on this till after I finished the awful book, so I definitely need to catch up and watch some vids this weekend. I'd especially love some suggestions for older vids from the VCR or very early computer era, since I'm pretty much the only person anymore at VVC who puts these in shows outside of trelkez.

Tell me what you love! Comment here or at the VVC website form.
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Just a reminder, people! The deadline for VidUKon Premieres (and Vidder's Choice submissions!) is 11 May 2014! That's three days away!

We'd absolutely love to premiere your vid whether you are attending or not, and upload information is here:

Let us show people your awesome vids! :D
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The deadline for submitting premiering vids or for suggesting already premiered vids for the CON.TXT 2014 Vid Show is fast approaching. Please, if you plan on sending us anything between now and the end of the month, email now to let us know to expect it! We will be putting together the final list of vids for our vid committee to consider next week, so tell us now if we should leave room for your vid!


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