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One of the issues with the network is that there are so many vids on the network that it can be hard to find just the one you are looking for. There is now a very user friendly Cat(alog) that will begin to populate with some of the amazing vids on the network by vidders such as Balistik, Luminosity, Charmax, Thedothatgirl, and many more. There are just about 4 right now but we plan on adding about 1,000 more to the collection but it will not be overwhelming as you will be able to search by Vidder, fandom, musical, artist, etc and find what you are looking for very easily.

This catalog can be viewed both inside and outside the network (so you can get a sense of the vids there). If you are not a member you can view at the following Google site link Vidders Catalog (to view the videos you will have to log into the site to see them). We'll update as we get closer to our 1K goal.

Yes, I shamelessly used the word Cat as an abbreviation for Catalog. The audience for Cats is far larger than Vidding even in a community discussion for Vidding so I hope you understand.

We plan to expand this project and create other catalogs to include other collections of awesome vids. 

If you have any questions send me a private message or if you think it's a question others reading this can benefit from leave a comment.

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Vidding Network -  free streaming vid network for vidders. AO3 Certified Host.  Absolutely brilliant vids not available anywhere else. Lots of cool features and some new ones in the works. If you have any questions message me.

Vidding Project -
Looking for a collaborator on some vidding community projects. You don't have to have any special skills. Just a passion for vidding and by extension working on vidding related projects. If you are interested message me.

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[personal profile] vidderkidder is open for vid hosting, streaming & archiving (especially for vids that may be blocked from any of the other regular video hosting & streaming sites). All videos that stream on the site will be automatically set up for archiving & back up. All videos (yes all 18k plus) hosted on the site hosted since its inception in 2009 and up to the last few months have been backed up both online and offline. Vidders is an AO3 certified embedding host.

Full Disclosure: If you are planning to host there - video quality is not HD or mobile but you can upload as much as you want, comment on other videos, & share them.  (Example video below) You can do so with no concern for strikes, geographic blocking, muting, account deletion because of strikes from prior uploads, forced alternate music tracks, Content ID or pitch shifting. Options for HD and Mobile streaming are available as a premium option on a sister site. More updates to come but just wanted to get something out short and sweet. The platform the site is hosted on has been a steady option since the days the Imeem exodus and closing of services such as viddler, and megaupload. PS - The platform the site is hosted on is in a state of flux and recent events has created loopholes that are particularly advantageous to our ability to host vidding content.  If you are already member you can take advantage of this now by logging in and uploading. Example video below the cut.

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BAM Video Vault, the fan run video service is moving. It may go offline as soon as Sept 5, 2015 and there will be downtime until the move is completed. is trying to raise funds to help pay for the move and new service. They have a brief overview here and a donation page here.  The site owner says he has backed up the vids, but I always encourage people to make their own backups.

Please feel free to copy, paste, repost or link to this post to help spread the word.

To give an idea of the size of BAM, they currently host 15,000 vids and also provide space for another 3,000 embedded vids. They've been in operation continuously since 2009 and were a safe haven for many fans when iMeem, Viddler and Blip.TV went down. They also offer embedded streaming for vids that have been blocked on Youtube or Vimeo.


Nov. 9th, 2012 10:44 pm
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Did you lose fanworks or other files in the Megaupload seizure? The EFF wants to help!

Fans - particularly podficcers and vidders - were among the groups hit hard by the Megaupload seizure, and the OTW wants to help the EFF connect with fans who lost files. The EFF has already begun to take action on behalf of people who've had their files seized: if you lost files when Megaupload went down, the EFF would like to hear from you. Please contact and tell them your story!

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This is not a post about how to fight a takedown notice or a forced audio swap of your vid (although you can find helpful tips on both topics from the OTW here).

It is a more practical post: how to use AO3 to create a stable "page" that you and everyone who loves and adores your vids can link to. A post where all the feedback and comments won't disappear overnight when your Yotube/Whatevertube account gets yanked.

The process is this: create a "page" on AO3 for your vid (like this one ). Upload your vid to your preferred streaming site  (see list below). Add the embed code and/or offer a link to your AO3 page. If you password protect your vid, you add the password to the A03 post.  Most vidders add the word [Vid] in the title.

And you are done. If the vid at the streaming site gets taken down, you can upload to another site and replace the link. But the feedback, kudos etc you get on A03 won't disappear and you'll only need to update your links in one place. More in depth instructions are here

The OTW's Vidding resource page has a list of streaming video hosts. Feel free to mention any not on the OTW list or offer feedback on the ones that are/are not working for you. And feel free to forward this info to any fan vidding forum, LJ or mailing list.  
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Seen first via [personal profile] giandujakiss: Megaupload shut down. abc news link. WSJ link.

Since some vidders use Megaupload or Megavideo to host their vids, I am curious to know what other hosting sites are currently working well, and whether that depends of having a paid account, etc.

Discuss away!
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Copied from the most recent [site community profile] dw_news entry:

"A recent code push made it possible for [Dreamwidth] to define 'safe embedding sites' -- sites for which the < embed > tag will work and not be cleaned out. We need to specifically whitelist these sites because the embed tag has the potential to introduce Very Nasty Stuff, risking the security of your journal and the journals of anyone who views your journal.

So, we thought we'd poll you for 'safe' embedding sites that you'd want to use. Obviously, YouTube is on the top of the list, and people have also requested Vimeo, but what else should be allowed?"

So far in comments people have requested and/or seconded:
The National Film Board of Canada
Current TV
Comedy Central
widgets from Plurk
videos from Nico Nico Douga (Japan's Youtube)

Comment over there to add your own suggestions or second (or third!) the already listed services.
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YouTube has changed the way it provides the code for embedding a video in another page, and the new code as given doesn't work on Dreamwidth -- this is because the method their new code uses is blocked on DW for security reasons. (We're working on ways to make it work again just for YouTube, since we're pretty sure they're not evil. Well, no more than anybody is.)

Until we can fix it up, you'll need to slightly change the way you get the code from YouTube. after clicking the embed link three checkboxes will appear below the embed code. Click the one that says "use old embed". That should generate the right code for embedding.

(Info copied from here:
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Is it just me, or is BAM now demanding that you sign up even just to look at a vid, if it's not embedded/streaming somewhere else? I've clicked on half a dozen links in the last couple of days, both to vids and to vidder profile pages, and gotten redirected to a "log in / sign up" page, with no way to get to the vids. Is this new?

(It may not be - it's entirely possible that just always have watched BAM vids embedded in posts, and never realized that it required you to sign up. But suddenly I'm hitting links instead, and I can't get to the vids through them.)


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