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Fandom: Hawaii 5 - O (2010) (reboot)
Music: Dar Williams - Teen for god
Theme/Characters: Kono Kalakaua - her devotion to the job, her family and home
Warnings: (police) violence, themes of religion/faith,

links: dw, vimeo

i am relativily new to vidding and would love getting feedback/comments. both for growth and just fangirling.
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Title: Dear Dear Friend
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Music: Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Danny
Summary: Come into my world, I've got to show show show you
Content Notes: violence, torture, hurt/comfort and also much fluff and sweetness

streaming + download here on lj and here on dw
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All You Need Is Love

song by The Beatles
footage from The Avengers, Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii 5-0
2:55; 24.4 MB

Love is all you need.

Thanks to [personal profile] lamardeuse for clip-finding help and cheerleading, and to [personal profile] sanj for sharing my squee!

Download from my vids page; stream at, at the AO3, or at my journal
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Song: Too Darn Hot by Erasure
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0

Summary: Pineapple-infested hellhole.

Pairing: Steve/Danny

Spoilers: Through 1x21

Streaming and download links at my journal
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Song: Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0

Summary: Full immunity and means.

Spoilers: Through 1x18

Download and streaming info at my journal.


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