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One of the issues with the network is that there are so many vids on the network that it can be hard to find just the one you are looking for. There is now a very user friendly Cat(alog) that will begin to populate with some of the amazing vids on the network by vidders such as Balistik, Luminosity, Charmax, Thedothatgirl, and many more. There are just about 4 right now but we plan on adding about 1,000 more to the collection but it will not be overwhelming as you will be able to search by Vidder, fandom, musical, artist, etc and find what you are looking for very easily.

This catalog can be viewed both inside and outside the network (so you can get a sense of the vids there). If you are not a member you can view at the following Google site link Vidders Catalog (to view the videos you will have to log into the site to see them). We'll update as we get closer to our 1K goal.

Yes, I shamelessly used the word Cat as an abbreviation for Catalog. The audience for Cats is far larger than Vidding even in a community discussion for Vidding so I hope you understand.

We plan to expand this project and create other catalogs to include other collections of awesome vids. 

If you have any questions send me a private message or if you think it's a question others reading this can benefit from leave a comment.

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Vidding Network -  free streaming vid network for vidders. AO3 Certified Host.  Absolutely brilliant vids not available anywhere else. Lots of cool features and some new ones in the works. If you have any questions message me.

Vidding Project -
Looking for a collaborator on some vidding community projects. You don't have to have any special skills. Just a passion for vidding and by extension working on vidding related projects. If you are interested message me.

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Hi all -- there are still a few days left to sign up for the inaugural Equinox Vid Exchange. Volunteer to make a vid for someone, and you'll receive a vid in return! Our opening theme is VIDS IN SPACE for all your space-related vid desires -- Farscape, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Cowboy Bebop, Mass Effect, and many, many more. You can see the list of eligible fandoms here on Dreamwidth.

If you're interested in participating, please check out our rules & guidelines and follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, or Dreamwidth. The challenge is run through AO3, so you must have an account there to sign up. Sign-ups are open through February 11th! More details here.
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The first Equinox Vid Exchange is coming up! Never heard of it? Here is our DW comm, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The theme, which many of you voted on way back in September, is Vids in Space. Here is a more detailed description of the theme.

The dates for the Spring Equinox vid exchange are:

January 18 - 25: Nominations
February 4 - 11: Sign ups
April 9: Deadline for primary assignment vids
April 22: Vids go live
April 29: Vidder reveals

Nominations start soon!

The exchange will happen on the Archive of Our Own -- here is the AO3 Collection Page for the exchange (it's also on our main community page). If you don't have an AO3 account, see the link below for information on how to get one -- you'll need it to participate.

Here are the rules and guidelines for the exchange.
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In case you missed it, the sign up period for Festivids 2016 is currently open!  Sign ups will close on Tuesday 25th October (12 noon EST).

Festivids is an annual small-fandoms vid exchange inspired by the Yuletide fic exchange, sort of like a vidding Secret Santa.  If you're interested in having a go, all the information you need is in the FAQ - but feel free to comment here if you have any questions, or email the mods at festivids at gmail dot com.
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 The nominations period for [community profile] festivids 2016 has begun!

Festivids is an annual small-fandoms vid exchange inspired by the Yuletide fic exchange, sort of like a vidding Secret Santa. At this stage, vidders who plan to participate can nominate up to ten small fandoms (ones with not many vids available online) to be included in the exchange. Sign-ups will run from 15-25 October.

If you're interested in having a go, all the information you need is in the FAQ - even if you've played before, it's worth taking a look as there are a few changes this year! You can nominate fandoms HERE once you've created an account on the site. Feel free to comment here if you have any questions, or email the mods at festivids at gmail dot com.
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Hello, [community profile] vidding members!

Many fans have been checking out Imzy in the last few days. (Imzy is a new social media site created by former Reddit and twitter employees, and it feels a bit tumblr-like).

It is still in beta, so you can't see anything without logging in.

I've created a place for Vid & Vidding-related discussions here. If you don't have an imzy account yet, you can request an invite at that link.

VividCon, Festivids and VidUKon all have Imzy pages now, and Ian has created a page to discuss vidding tech. All of these are listed in the Vids & Vidding "neighborhood."

Some vidders have created blogs there to to post their vids, other people have just created individual accounts.

There is no shortage of imzy invites floating around fandom twitter and journals, so feel free to request one if you are at all curious.
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Kismet Con 2016: Call for vids!

September 2-4, 2016 | London, UK
A fan-run K/S Convention celebrating 50 years of Star Trek and K/S!

More info on the convention:

For the Kismet vid show on Saturday night, we ask you, dear Kirk/Spock vidders round the globe, to send in your vids, please! Whether you are an old-skool vidder or a newcomer, queen of angsty vids or king of crack, seasoned scholar of K/S eye-sex studies, or master of plot transformations—we’d love to feature your works at the Kismet vid show!

We are looking for:

Premieres of all genres: these are vids that have not been published on the internet or distributed on DVDs/tapes yet (we are lenient if the vid has been shown at a con in the past, as long as it is not available anywhere)

Classics of all genres: vids that showcase the history and rich variety of K/S and Star Trek vidding from the late 1970s to the 2010s

Fun & danceable song vids: exactly what it says on the tin—upbeat vids suitable for singing along and dancing the night away! We will prepare subtitles with the song lyrics for these vids.

TOS, TAS, movies, and reboot are all welcome. However, we strive to keep the balance between TOS and reboot—we withhold the right to leave out submissions, if necessary. The focus should be on Kirk/Spock; we will accept a limited number of gen vids, though (but no other pairings). Submissions of up to three vids per vidder permitted for the show.

For more details and technical instructions, please get in touch with T'Lara (aka [personal profile] larissabernstein), by message, via the form on our website, or by email: laribernsteinATgmailDOTcom

Please register your vids by letting us know what you plan to send in (vidder name, title, genre, universe, length). Deadline for actual vid submission (preferably by Dropbox or similar download link): 15 July 2016.

There is also going to be a Kismet DVD with a selection of fanvids. Let us know if you’re fine with your vids being included on the DVD (up to two vids per vidder).

By taking part in our show, you also enter the Kismet Competition for Best Songvid!
(Open to ALL VIDDERS, whether attending the con or not)

All vids that will be played over the con weekend are eligible and will be voted on by the attendees. 

There are two categories. The overall tone of the vid determines its category (in unclear cases we will confer with the vidder):

Humour: upbeat and fun vids, angst-free, death-free
Drama: vids with a more serious tone, including all kinds of angst

We are looking forward to seeing your contributions! Please spread the word! Let’s prove that the Star Trek and K/S vidding scene is still alive and kicking!

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The identities of the vidders who participated in the [community profile] festivids anonymous vid exchange have been revealed - come and see who made your favourite vids, or watch the ones you missed!
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The vids that were made for [community profile] festivids are now up and running, and you can see the master list on DW, LJ, or the Festivids website. There are 148 vids in rarely-vidded fandoms - everything from Aeon Flux to Edge of Tomorrow to Hamilton to Princess Diaries to Wonderfalls! The vidders' names will remain anonymous for two weeks; we'll unveil who made what on February 13th - so go take a look while it's still a mystery!

Please also keep in mind as you watch the vids that recs are great – we love recs, rec away! – but we prefer you do so by linking back to the fv-poster post either on LJ or Dreamwidth, and not by linking directly to the streaming or download versions of the vids. The anonymous versions of the vids are only up temporarily; many will be deleted once the anon period is over and will be replaced with credited versions, and often the vidder does not have control of the account where the anonymous vid is located. So, we ask that recs link back to the fv-poster post, which will remain up and current even after the anon period ends.
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Just a reminder - signups for [community profile] festivids close next Friday! It's sort of like a Secret Santa for vids, modelled on the Yuletide small fandom fic exchange. You can find out more about [community profile] festivids here, and about signups at this post.
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[community profile] festivids is an annual small-fandom giftvid exchange. It's sort of like a Secret Santa for vids, modelled on the Yuletide small fandom fic exchange. Vidders sign up by selecting fandoms from this list that they would like to receive, and that they can offer to others. Each fandom on the list is a "small" fandom, i.e., one where there are not many vids available online. The mods then match offers with requests, and distribute a secret vid assignment to each vidder. The vids are posted anonymously in January, and after two weeks, the identities of the vidders are revealed. Last year's vids are posted here.

Sign-ups run until 30 October 2015. You can sign up at this site. First, you create an account (basically, you login using LJ, Dreamwidth, or another service, and an account is created for you). Then, click Festivids, and click Sign Up, and start making offers and requests. You can read more about sign ups at this post, and you can read a more detailed explanation of the rules here. You should also feel free to either drop a comment, or email the festivids mods at festivids at gmail dot com, to ask any questions. We really hope you'll consider signing up; it's terrific fun and there are plenty of fandoms to choose from. Vidders of all experience levels are welcome to participate.
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If I went to the Brooklyn Museum this coming Sunday (August 9th) and visited its cafe around 2pm-5pm, would anyone care to join me? (Admission prices are suggested and not mandatory.)

Per the suggestion by [personal profile] ghost_lingering I'd also be open to a film screening or something else like that! And thanks to [personal profile] d_generate_girl for the suggestion of the other museums and venues.

Feel free to cross-post to other vidding fora!
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Reminder: if you'd like, swing by the cafe in the Museum of the Moving Image (directions) sometime Friday between 5pm and 8pm to meet a few other local vidders (more details).
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I just started vidding and would love to get to chat with other vidders in the New York City area. Here's an idea:

* Date: Friday, April 24th
* Time: eveningish, 5pm-8pm, come and go whenever
* Place: ground floor cafe of the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria (free admission 4pm-8pm on Fridays), close to the N/Q/R/M trains (directions)

My thinking is, it's low-social-commitment, because if you get there and find you want to chat and have a sandwich or a cup of tea, that option is available to you, but if you find you get cranky or shy or don't have chemistry with other people there, you can go see interesting exhibits about the history of film, TV, and video games. :)

My current plan is that I will go and sit in the museum cafe with a book and a laptop starting at 5pm on Friday the 24th and be there till 8. Maybe I will see some of you there! And if you want an NYC meetup but this particular date doesn't work for you, suggest alternate dates in the comments and maybe we can switch or add!
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WisCon is a feminist scifi convention in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, May 22-25, 2015 (this will be the 39th WisCon). I love it. If you've never been before, here's my welcome and invitation to first-timers.

Since 2010, every WisCon has hosted a vid party. This year, as usual, they're asking for curated vid playlists (deadline: Friday May 1) and premieres (deadline: Friday, May 8). You do not have to be attending WisCon to submit a playlist or premiere! Please see the links for more details on what the party organizers are looking for, and follow [community profile] wiscon_vidparty for updates.

I am not one of the organizers of the vid party; I'm a newbie vidder submitting a premiere and wanted to get the word out. Hope that's ok!
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Title: Have You Met Miss Jones?
Song: Have You Met Miss Jones? by Robbie Williams
Fandom: Adam Adamant Lives!
Length: 2.36 mins
Warnings: None.
Vid Summary: "We'll keep on meeting till we die, Miss Jones and I!" (Or: Adam, Georgie, and a whole lot of peril and bondage as usual.)

Over at my Dreamwidth.
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Hi, everyone! I'm modding a vidshow at Vividcon that's all about buddies, and I'm looking for recommendations!

The show is called "You're my best friend," and it's basically going to be 45 minutes of buddy vids. Buddies of all kinds are needed - same gender, mixed gender, siblings, parent/child, cop partners, whatevs. The only restriction is that the focus has to be on 2 people. It's fine if there's a suggestion of a romantic pairing - hard to avoid for a lot of these!! - but the theme of the vid should be buddy-ness.

(To clarify, multifandoms are fine - but the relationships highlighted in the multi should be between 2 buddies)

You can email me suggestions at giandujakiss at AOL dot com, or you can comment in my journal on Dreamwidth or LJ (comments to both posts are screened).

And just in case anyone was shy about it, self-recs are welcomed and encouraged (seriously, by the time I finish watching whatever's been suggested, I won't remember who recommended it anyway).

So please, rec me your vids!
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Hi Vidders!

[community profile] escapade_con is currently accepting vid submissions for its songvid show until tomorrow night, 2/16 at 10PM Pacific Time. You can submit premieres, festivids, recent vids, older vids... whatever you'd like! Escapade is a slash-focused con, but not everything submitted to the vidshow is a slash vid, so don't let that discourage you! See more information and instructions on how to submit here.
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The identities of the vidders who participated in the [community profile] festivids anonymous vid exchange have been revealed - come and see who made your favourite vids, or watch the ones you missed!


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